Common Sense Investing – Look at The Multibaggers

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A common sense based investment has always been the best rewarding one. No matter what, if you apply common sense while investing, you are ought to make superb returns from investments. Not getting what I mean? Look at the multi-baggers.

Do you know following –

Do you know who is the sole domestic gas supplier if you are living in Mumbai? MGL is only player who supply domestic gas?

Do you know who manufactures priya gold biscuits? Shervani industrial syndicate

Do you know who makes priya brand of pickels? Chaman lal sethi foods

Do you know who makes that mint in your listrene mouthwash? Arrow Greentech

Do you know who makes water soluble soap strips that you carry with you on a train trip? Arrow greentech

Do you know who is the largest manufacturer of synthetic leather in India? Mayur uniquoters

Do you know most probably if you are living in a metro and above 15th floor apartment, who built the superstructure of your building? Capacite infra

Traveled in a metro train? Who makes automation solutions for metro monitoring and planning for everyday execution? Hitachi and Johnson controls

Fancy an Ice cream? Who makes largest cooling infra for all food companies? Snowman logistics and ice make products ltd

Use bottled gas cylinders from HP? BP? Who bottles the gas? – Aeigs logistics

Who provides shampoo base & toothpaste base for your favorite toothpaste/shampoo? Galaxi surfactants and JHS

Fancy cadbury or lays chips? Who makes wrapper? Uflex and essel propack ltd

Your mom or wife wraps your food in aluminium foil? Who is largest maker of aluminium foils in India? Hindalco

Just be observant. That is the key to investing. A commonsense investing

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